Last Boeing 747SP last take off!

TEHERAN – The last Boeing 747SP to be deployed on liner services lasted for the last time on Wednesday. The 41-year-old aircraft from Iran Air (with registration EP-IAC) flew from the international airport of Tehran (IKA) to the domestic airport of that city (THR).

It was a repositioning flight and there were no paying passengers on board. Iran Air, the last company that still operated commercial flights with the 747SP, ended the deployment of the aircraft on scheduled services in 2016.

It is not entirely clear whether the EP-IAC will be demolished just like the other 747SPs from Iran Air, or whether it will be given a place in a museum. In the logbook the pilots have said goodbye with the words ‘May God bless you’.

The Boeing 747 Special Performance with a length of 56 meters was about 14 meters shorter than the 747-100 from which it was derived. This gave the Jumbojet a larger flight range. With a total production of 45 copies, the SP has never been very popular.

The 747SP was used by South African Airways, among others, to Schiphol. There are currently still some SPs around, but no longer with ‘ordinary’ airlines. For example, the space agency NASA uses the device for research purposes.


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