UAE Growing In The Aviation Industry

The UAE Had Been Doing Extremely Well In The Aviation Industry Owning Two Extremely Luxurious Carriers, Etihad, The Owner Of The Residence Suite Which Has Your Own Personal Bathroom And Shower, A Small Lounge, And A Bed. Emirates On The Other Hand Has There New First Class Seat Onboard Their New 777-300ER Aircraft. This Suite Has So Much To It! No There Isn’t The Shower That The Emirates A380 And Etihad A380 Provide But You Have More Than Enough Space In This Seat. The First Plane That Ever Landed In The UAE Was In 1932, And They’ve Been Growing The Industry There Ever Since. Not Forgetting The Other National Carriers, FlyDubai And Air Arabia. FlyDubai Has Been Doing Great With Orders Of More Boeing 737 Aircraft. Yeah They Don’t Have Showers On Those Aircraft But They Still Are In The Shorter End Flight Range. Did I Mention That Emirates Also Has A Suite On There Airbus A380 Aircraft. This Suite Has A Bar, Closing Door, And Many More Amenities. Also With Free Access To A Shower For Usage During Your Flight. These Suites Range In Price Between 10,000 And 20,000$ USD Roundtrip.


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